Tina Krohn is a photojournalist based in Washington DC, where she works as a freelance photographer with the German Press Agency, National Geographic, History Chanel, Fortune Magazine, USA Today and other international publications. She was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in Hamburg, Germany.

 Tina worked in feature film for many years, primarily in Vancouver, Canada and Berlin, Germany. Some of the productions she worked on were Cat Woman, X-Men, Twilight Eclipse, Elf, Inglorious Bastards, Fantastic Four, Stargate SG1 among many others.

In January 2010, she moved to Washington, DC, where she is based ever since, working as a journalist, covering political and social issues for foreign media outlets.

Tina's recent projects include a series on the life inside the Pentagon for the German Press Agency as well, documenting the Coast to Coast Climate March and the Celebrating of Diversity in the US.